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Dedicated & Certified

Meet the Team


Ms. Donyell


Ms. Donyell has been in education for the last 15 years. She served as Assistant Director of Enrollment at Cambridge Academy, and now serves as the Director. She loves working with new families and creating new relationships. Ms. Donyell has a CDA, and steps into any role with a smile to assist parents and lead teachers.


Ms. Erum Allana 

Assistant Director 

Ms. Erum is the Assistant Director at Cambridge Academy DeSoto. With 10 years of Montessori Experience, Ms. Erum works with Teachers to implement the Circle Curriculum from the Children's Learning Institute


Ms. Iyana

Lead Teacher Bernoulli's and Aristotle's

Ms. Iyana is the Lead Teacher in the Bernoulli and Aristotle room. She loves working with our little scholars, helping them develop gross and fine motor skills. She works with the teachers of the Bernoulli and Aristotle program and ensures that curriculum is implemented properly. She has 2 years of experience and is pursuing her CDA


Ms.Sophia Salas

Lead Teacher  Franklin's and Einstien's

Ms. Sophia has been in education for the last 10 years. She works with our Franklin and Einstein Program to prepare them for Kindergarten. Using her own experience and the Circle Curriculum from Children Learning Institute, she implements a structured curriculum full of learning and fun. 


Ms. Miah 

Teacher Franklin's

Ms. Miah is the Franklin's teacher at Cambridge Academy DeSoto. With 2years of PreSchool Experience, Ms. Miah works with each child to prepare them for elementary school. 


Ms. Reddish

Teacher Aristotle's

Ms. Reddish is the Aristotle's teacher at Cambridge Academy DeSoto. With 1 year of experience, Ms. Reddish works with each scholar to prepare them for our PreK program 

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