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Our Program 

 We take pride in offering a comprehensive range of programs designed to meet the diverse needs and interests of children. Our programs are thoughtfully crafted to provide a stimulating and nurturing environment that fosters growth, learning, and exploration.


Bernoulli Program 

18 Month- 2 years

By creating a nurturing environment, scholars in our program are introduced to healthy forms of interaction,  and are put ahead for language and motor development


Aristotle Scholars 

2 years

Scholars in this program will continue to build on their motor skills and language as they immerse in positive play and learn to interact with the world around them.


Preschool Scholars

3 years-5 years 

Cambridge Academy uses Texas Rising Star approved curriculum to support growth of children at an early age and prepare them for a life full of learning.

Before and After School Program

5 years-13 years


Summer Scholars Camp

6 years- 13 years

The Summer Scholars Camp is incorporated with our Cambridge College Bound Program to provide summer learning opportunities to scholars of school age. From college visitations, to a personalized curriculum, every scholar leaves our camp better prepared for school!

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