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"It takes a village to raise a child"

About Us


Every child should have the opportunity to tap their untapped potential. Reaching that potential requires love and attention at a very young age. At Cambridge Academy, we strive to provide the structure, attention, and love each child needs to become a well-spoken, well thought, and conscientious member of society. We hope to provide the best childcare in DeSoto and Cedar Hill. By providing each child with an equal opportunity to quality education, we hope to inspire and change the lives of those we care for.  


Health & Safety

In the world we live in, health and safety are at the forefront of our mind. To be able to provide a quality space for the children we care for, we must also create a place that is safe for lay and growth. Understanding this, we background check every individual who may come into contact with your child. We also employ a state of the art security system with electronic locks. Here at Cambridge Academy, we understand the trust that parents put in our facility to take care of their children. As such, we pride our selves for our transparency and have cameras in every classroom and common space. Parents can access live video of their children in class in the front office at anytime and recordings are readily available.

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