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3 - 5 Years

Our preschool program distinguishes us from traditional daycares. Directed by our Curriculum Director, our research-based curriculum is tailored to each age group's needs. The aim is to enhance what scholars have already learned and ensure their success in elementary school. We believe college-bound aspirations start in these formative years. Thus, instilling a mindset focused on future achievements and the dream of college attendance is central to our educational philosophy.


We employ ProCare to ensure transparency with our families, keeping parents fully informed by sending frequent photos and messages, thereby maintaining a strong connection and providing up-to-date information.

Safety & Security

Our facility features advanced security with magnetic access control, traffic-limiting gates, 24/7 monitored cameras in every room, and gated perimeters


We adopt the Circle Curriculum, developed by the Child Learning Institute, recognized as the gold standard for daycare use.

State of the Art facilities

Our center boasts turf fields, covered playgrounds, and various play areas, alongside classrooms equipped with real materials, enabling children to select and engage in diverse educational centers.

Nutritious Meals

We serve USDA-approved meals and snacks, meeting Child Care Food Program (CACFP) guidelines.

Extracurricular Activities

We enhance our students' engagement with extracurricular activities, including rotational piano, art classes, karate, soccer, and more.

Learning Centers

Dive into a world of exploration and growth with our PreK Learning Centers, uniquely designed to cater to the budding curiosity of young learners. Each classroom is a vibrant hub of seven distinct centers, including Math, Reading, Writing, Art, Music, Dramatic Play, and Manipulatives. These centers are the heart of our learning environment, where students engage in targeted activities under the guidance of our dedicated teachers. Here, learning transforms into an adventure, allowing students to independently develop crucial skills.


Our approach empowers children to follow their interests by choosing the learning center that captivates them most. This choice not only fosters their independence but also cultivates a spirit of self-driven discovery. Witness the growth of your child as they navigate through our enriching centers, building the foundation for a lifelong love of learning and an enduring sense of independence.

Language and Phonological  Development 

In our nurturing environment, we prioritize the development of language and phonological skills through carefully designed, repetitive daily activities. Our curriculum is rich with engaging storytelling, captivating songs, and interactive play, all aimed at immersing children in a diverse linguistic landscape. This intentional approach not only enhances their ability to recognize and produce sounds but also fosters an early appreciation for the rhythm and structure of language. By encouraging active participation and expression, we lay a solid foundation for effective communication and academic readiness, ensuring our young learners are well-equipped for the challenges ahead. Join us as we unlock the potential of every child, one word at a time.

Science, Math, and Critical Thinking

At the heart of our curriculum lies a world of discovery where science and math are not just subjects, but gateways to curiosity and critical thinking. Our young learners dive into hands-on science activities, igniting their innate sense of wonder about the natural world. Through experiments and exploration, children develop not just a love for science, but also the critical thinking skills essential for understanding complex concepts. Simultaneously, our engaging math activities lay the foundation for numeracy, pattern recognition, and problem-solving abilities. Each activity is designed to challenge and excite, ensuring that our students not only build essential academic skills but also grow into inquisitive thinkers, ready to tackle the mysteries of the world with confidence and enthusiasm. Join us on this journey of discovery, where every day is an adventure in learning.

Jessica Rodriguez, DeSoto

My husband and I decided to transfer our son to a facility closer to home since I will start working from home. It’s has been a very hard search to find a facility that we felt comfortable with as we love our current facility. I had the pleasure of meeting with the director, Ms. Donyell. She is the sweetest and you know she cares about all the children that attend. I also was able to meet the owners during my tour. Their process to schedule a tour was very quick. It's clean, the security is perfect and you can tell the kids are actually learning.

Khaya Chapple, DeSoto

I just enrolled my son and I already love it!  The teachers were very kind and answer all of my questions and concerns. The school was very clean and neat. I'm looking forward my son continuing his education here!

Kimbre Whitehead, DeSoto

"I would recommend my friends and family to Cambridge Academy. The facility is clean, the entire staff is friendly and hands on. Both of my boys enjoy Cambridge and has learned so much while attending."
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