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Summer camp: Ignite curiosity, unleash potential, and surpass classroom boundaries.

Summer Scholars Camp

Our Summer Camp Philosophy.

At Cambridge Academy, we believe that summer camp is not just a break from school, but an extraordinary opportunity for school-age children to expand their horizons. Our enriching summer camp programs go beyond the classroom, providing unique and engaging learning experiences that foster creativity, critical thinking, and personal growth. With a dynamic blend of fun-filled activities and educational adventures, we strive to ignite a lifelong love for learning in every child. Join us this summer and unlock a world of exploration, discovery, and endless possibilities!

A Summer full of Learning, Fun and Experiences

Pupil and Teacher

Summer Bridge Program

Bringing Math and Reading Excellence 

Cambridge Summer Scholars offers a personalized Math and Reading curriculum to each scholar to improve on skills and prepare scholars for our future grade levels 

School Bus

Weekly Field Trips

Summer Scholars will have opportunities to go on a wide variety of Field Trips to nearby universities along with prominent museums in the Dallas Area.

Matial Arts Training

Karate and Basketball

3 years and up

Coach Torres is excited to meet his young dragons and teach them important skills such as focus, discipline, and attention in a fun an engaging way

Splashpad stock.jpg

Splash Mania

Dive into fun in our exclusive splash pad

With our own state of the art splash pad scholars can have water fun without leaving the facility. We also have locker rooms for scholars to change afterwards! 

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